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標題: Christian Louboutin Outlet and asked [打印本頁]

作者: a650485c405    時間: 2013-5-30 19:27     標題: Christian Louboutin Outlet and asked

ght, thanks Regulus ah, those arrogant in those states dynasty eastern sky in front of practitioners to see what they have to say." Countless people talking about. Regulus did not care too much, a pedestrian already entered the 'Bai Chamber'. Tour of blood into people's appearance, a leading heavy guard huts in that line gallery channel entrance, as if a statue, motionless, many passing the entrance channel line gallery who could not help but see the swim heart of a cold blood, fighting the Emperor breath, for many people, are very difficult to bear. Shen hut. Incense surrounded by breath meditation, sitting in an armchair Regulus, facing the white Young Mother. White Young Mother look Christian Louboutin Outlet excited, quivering fingers, some shaking voice: "You're finally back, these two years, 'fighting the dragon immortals' old house owners fall, 'East State Dynasty' old imperial master fall, supreme king demon king lightning fall, peerless Devil Laomo fall, I thought you were a go then get out, fearing death of me. "" It's not back yet? I just came back from the Royal East states, they come to you yet. "Regulus slight contempt. "Of course I know, so I'm happy." Young Mother white sweet smile, chest full of two groups that seem to become more plump, and who exudes a faint scent of a woman, get people fascinated, watching Regulus face that look of joy white Young Mother's eyes flashed a trace of sadness, but soon, change the color of God to restore self-confidence, and asked: "Regulus, we get married okay?" "ah?" Regulus stunned for a moment obviously does not reflect over. White Young Mother stood up, walked in front Christian Louboutin Outlet Men of Regulus, sitting Regulus knees, arms around the neck of Regulus, a look of charming little woman, said: "I say we get married okay?" "......" Regulus almost not fainted, white chest that two groups Young Mother full contrast, Regulus also felt white Young Mother shortness of breath, his face flushing, apparently made this decision, White Young christian louboutin sale Mother muster a lot of courage. "Young Mother, I did not expect two years go
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