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Build a state of Florida has the highest foreclosure rate in the United States of America that's no easy feat considering there were over two million foreclosure filings.

In the whole country last year Bob Massi live and one of smartest hardest hit cities in the minors -- is conducting house -- for free for all this morning good morning again -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Got a lot of questions here but a lot of questions a lot of good information we're naslund and come up when the -- -- -- please thank you being here which your question request.

My question is I have a lot of customers that I've -- a short sales -- it's over.

But they -- to know how long does it take to get the credit back well.

We're gonna cover this at these toward it towards the end of the show but essentially when you have a short sell the impact the credit is not as extensive as if it was a foreclosure.

There's ways to repair your credit one of the biggest frauds are experiencing Gretchen is they're reporting it incorrectly.

On credit reports and that's for credit repair comes at.

Not as bad as a foreclosure.

But it still is impacted in future thanks Linda -- My pleasure let's take a quote John Money -- quickly.

Good morning guys on this Don well that says John I can only go what's on the court yeah.

-- -- -- -- Completed mountain development 64 -- he's looking for bidders on TV that's who they're not not at all I just need does not need the bank's economic -- real -- And about three month.

-- -- -- Okay and and banks have rights after saying only have a few months that means if in fact that there's a deep -- -- the payment.

There you go through some kind of for -- what you need to do is see if there's any legalities on the loan that you have to get good real estate lord look at the paperwork examine if there was any kind of lending problems predatory lending or otherwise and then make a determination you could stop that foreclosure gives you time for purpose of saving the property right thanks buddy.

The -- and over here.

-- nice to see things -- you hear about -- My question is we have a Condo here in Florida and -- upside down and it.

We refinanced in 2010 we don't qualify for any their newest and I wanted to get an interest deduction was turned on his journey now.

Well what we're to talk about today real quick is she wants those defectors and -- -- for refinancing there are programs that are out there there's over 150 programs out there right now.

-- Gretchen for lending but the question is do you fit within that grid.

That becomes more difficult because if it's upside down in value -- looking for any type of prince reduction.

-- ensures it's a complicated process which is one of the reasons why at some point the homeowners in American the American family.

Ends up losing things losing their home because they hit a wall there's only certain things we could do.

That's exactly what we're going to right now we're just gonna be starting to short so process in my presentation going all the way through to rebuilding your dreams.

But again.

It's one of those things that goes to show you no matter where we go -- America with rebuilding your dreams.

The questions in the frustrations are exactly the same what people experience in America -- absolutely especially important -- where they've got the highest foreclosure rate.

And -- I understand last night.

There and -- miers then the mayor of the city.

-- indicated the town -- me,Hollister Deutschland.

You know if this keeps -- have like a hundred keys it's wonderful I mean he was terrific.

That the mayor the mayor was wonderful again really opening their -- they declare it Fox News state.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There right here trying to help people cause it's all about really at this point.

Teaching and educating people so we have a a level playing field that's what the problems has been there's no level playing field that's we hope to accomplish today the other things are going to do.

Exactly right pop's gonna continue to answer the questions every hour the -- -- from now until 9 AM eastern time so stick around we'll be back with you soon Bob thank you.

Think you articulate a time to check back in -- -- real estate expert Bob -- I need -- Bob he's at rebuilding your dream seminary -- Myers Florida one of the hardest hit cities affected by the housing crisis all right what's going -- down -- now Bob,Hollister Online Shop.

At the royal palm yacht club in Fort Myers where it's 81 degrees it to tell you that that.

We do have some questions from our audience and I asked my hairdresser but -- come here today asked a couple questions.

But I did what I thought there's sort of -- -- -- accident got two questions Bob first question is who does your hair you're you don't.

Yeah actual traffic and that's mr.

-- at that used to have a second question.

If I inherit a property that's under water.

Can -- negotiate with the -- prior to probate.

Well the problem is until Europe pointed a personal representative of the estate into your appointed an executor of the estate you have no standing -- -- To talk to anybody about that property so you usually will be pointed for example special administrator gives you authority to talk about the property.

And ultimately you'd have to negotiate a new loan for that property to question is,Hollister.

Why would you want something under water that's the deal.

I got some scissors for everybody we'll talk later they care -- good.

Okay,Hollister Online Shop.

Let's talk to Susan Susan come on over here thank you for being here.


These lenders have there -- backroom deals that they've made with the government the government is made these backroom deals and were kept in the dark as homeowners is there any type of advocacy group that we can can bond together and have a fair shot in this war.

One of the things who -- do -- -- your dream to sort of put this force together and educate put pressure on them.

I know that there -- groups throughout the country which we could talk about after that are forming together to try to put pressure on the government.

I got to tie just like the more urgent relief act when we asked of people put pressure on -- represents to extend that there's nothing stronger than people power.

And -- that you go your represented as a show them how angry you are about what's going on the fact that you still can't get from underwater.

That's about the but there is strength in numbers and that's basically what we're trying to do and we will talk as I know there are groups are doing that,Hollister.

Thank you so much on -- -- Bill nice to see it.

Good morning thank you thank you for coming -- I'd I'd like to know in light of the federal government suing standard and -- Is this fair when the federal government forced the lenders to take these loans for the yours well there's no such thing in -- when it comes a government right now OK so let's just go down that road.

Look these lawsuits were inevitable.

We've seen the government suing Bank of America,Hollister Online Shop.

We see other lawsuits coming down the line.

And what's happening is a lot of the injustices has been uncovered.

Seems -- now coming to the surface so your questions well taken you know the points going to be.

Since they're the ones that were sort of co conspirators in this whole thing what right to they have not have standing they have the right to do it.

But I think you're gonna see some interesting issues come out in these cases as it progresses,Hollister Deutschland.

Thank -- -- -- -- -- -- Then that we just got a couple seconds or how can I help you.

Is there -- -- at the time that once -- -- -- noticed if it was opera or five years that there's an end to it before it's kind of -- out well we talked a couple weeks ago guys about -- -- -- which we talked about this morning.

Ultimately it's up to the lender to take that house back -- one of the things I'm telling people and I told this morning.

If you want to get out your house and you can't get any cooperation from the lender they won't deal with you.

Get a quick claim deed -- back to the servicer of your lone goal recorded recorders office and sign our semi here it only takes your name off your title doesn't take it off the debt.

But that's exactly what we have to do to take control of it because before frustrated lenders and are cooperating not a surprise thank you so much,Hollister Shop.

Anyway here we are again and thank you very much -- we'll -- of.

And a half -- very nice and it was nice to finally meet your stunt -- if you review actions -- you've got a guy out of Fort -- you can stand in -- yeah.

We are franchising the barbershop and what you know in the comments at a Catholic ethnic bitterness super -- to -- I think this just.

-- -- -- faking -- at that they can one more time with real estate extra -- Nancy.

Learn -- Myers Florida where of course being one of the hardest hit states by the housing crisis.

-- has more guests for us now Bob.

We do over here to royal palm yacht club over here Fort Myers who do we have a lot of questions a little bit at times that -- come on over what's your question record please our question is file for bankruptcy will attempt to save your home foreclosure.

When you file for bankruptcy -- asking the court to discharge your debt.

The question is you're gonna continue to make the payments on the house.

He continue to make the payments on -- house as launch continue make the payments you can keep -- but if you default the hot though with the court excuse me the lender we'll take it back.

The good news is -- that's been discharged who have -- deficiency.


And Jamie are you.

And dance kind of or Janice too nice to me -- Jamie Jamie back there.

Attention question I think is still true -- -- it when you're facing foreclosure by an an -- away or or bank that the sheriff can come to the -- in poston and you have to be out three days.

Well okay.

What happens lays -- -- was whenever there's a foreclosure where the NHL where whatever.

Noticed tests to be given to the homeowner now usually they don't allow it to go that way their specific laws in the books -- they have to give your -- -- of time to get out.

Some states very OK on that but generally do what's called -- cash for keys.

Where the property -- to -- some cash to move out.

Quickly and generally speaking you can always get more time if you get -- the three day notice to vacate.

Absolutely gravel -- quick because they can apps and negotiate that with the property manager and particulars in business you actually present.

Okay that's a -- it.

Brenda group.

Quick area that I'm trying to test Heidi the US the senate for its archrival victims and the thing they're dealing with the stuff homeowners are coming -- -- the banks the banks are not working with them.

Nobody wants -- homes because of toxic.

And so you know what Eddie did when I mean -- stock and they don't know what to do with these homes there upside down -- at second and counselors there.

Yet this is a major problem of fortunate enough time to answer all the questions -- -- talked to Mike and Joseph about it because it's happening we have.

Basically toxic columns and -- what are they gonna do what -- gonna do nobody will deal with them and then you have people living in these talks go homes also.

So it's an issue that when -- over what the show here will be able to talk about give you some guidelines -- at -- OK thank you,Hollister Online Shop.

Toward the -- -- -- is got a couple seconds here.

Out if I sell my house at a short sale -- -- any tax relief with the federal.


Primary residence.

Original debt.

Acquisition that even if you refinance if you want to prove -- home.

The mortgage debt relief access.

That if you get a 1099 C cancellation of debt.

You have no tax liability whatsoever if you get to 1099 C you give it to your CPA they'll know what to do.

If you get a 10998.

Which is an abandonment that's different that's not a cancellation.

That comes also so make sure you get the approach you get the document.

Take it you're CPP generally speaking primary residence ritual act was -- that short -- was way that efficiency you're good to go.

Right thank you very much for being -- you know it's it's it's -- -- That you have these array of questions and again like I said the beginning of the show.

No matter where you go in the country.

The same types of issues people are faced with every day and that's been -- -- couple years you know what that says.

It says that the industry has not dealt with the problems they've not tried to reach out to the homeowners the way they should.

To give them the kind of just explanation that the truth is this this is what we can do this is what we can't do this is what's going to happen everything -- clandestine so many things have been hidden.

That's the problem that's why we do these seminars exactly right and there are so many people in that room you have helped today and by extension watching the show today I think -- helped a lot of people across country,Karen Millen Sale.

-- -- Ceci thank you for the opportunity amount.

-- Including your hair body double when we saw him earlier right when he went.