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This transcript is automatically generated,Karen Millen Sale
We're also getting reports from Pennsylvania courtroom right now that suggests the jury may be getting closer.

To a verdict right now in the murder trial of -- Philadelphia abortion doctor.

Kermit -- now is accused of killing at least four babies born alive they say during a botched abortions.

A Fox News producer covering the deliberations.

Telling us that the jury may be quickly moving through the charges and may potentially finish at any time.

The gruesome details of this case.

Too shocking to -- account right here middle of the day on this program but the implications.

Are too important.

To ignore.

Fox News conducted its own investigation into this case tonight we will cover -- all in Fox News reporting see no evil.

The -- Gaza now case here's a piece of that report.

The search for the culmination of an investigation into a massive.


Drug selling operation.

-- prescriptions for OxyContin.

And other narcotics.

The FBI and the DEA led the raid on February 18 2010.

They thought.

That it was fine normal.

-- that allowed these doctors make so much money for so many people to get illegal.

Prescriptions for narcotics.

Would they discovered.

Was a horrific it's almost out of one of the worst movies or horror novels as you can imagine.

Joining me -- Kimberly Guilfoyle she's co host of the five and Peter Boyer is an editor at large here Fox News and they both appear in tonight's special and have been covering this case.

And I tip my hat to you because.

It's one of those cases that I've tried actually to avoid.

A lot of the details on.

And that's just because I'm pregnant but because you know I'm a mother and I'm a parent I'm human -- and -- -- you know,http://tiffany-it.com/.

And it's hard and we're not gonna get into those details here in and a daytime program where kids are watching and so on but.

It this isn't about.

Just some abortion doctor mean you point out Kimberly that this is about somebody who's accused of essentially being a mass murderer.

-- -- About it the cases that the jury has before it right now as we speak that they are deliberating over the fate they have to decide.

Did infanticide occur.

Where these babies murdered they born alive and the evidence is there I know because I sat.

In that courtroom I've listened to the witness says I saw all the photographs and listen to the cross direct examination.

Medical examiner go through an excruciating -- -- All the facts of this and in our viewers most of the nova just in case you can lose a former prosecutor -- should prosecute a death penalty prosecutor so here's the here's my question one of the toughest what where -- the defense going we know what the prosecution -- -- -- -- But -- is the whole defense that the babies weren't actually ally -- When they were born.

Right he he said listen you may not like this -- this is a rush to judgment this is racially motivated and you cannot say.

Beyond a reasonable doubt that these babies were born alive and that he pointed to specific aspects of the testimony that in fact I was there for.

Of the chief medical examiner that said look and I was not able to determine by the various tests that they do.

But this was due to the -- that the baby's remains were not kept properly -- -- -- an eyewitness testimony about,Occhiali Da Sole Ray Ban.

Elderly and the babies and so it is important recipient witnesses that said they saw the baby's breathing crying moving not just one land -- -- multiple arms lake and that they work.

Other guys that was so large that's all evidence -- the jury can consider.

He didn't witnesses some of whom have pleaded guilty to -- -- charges regularly is absolutely right there.

I mean it's a very.

Tough case there's an awful lot of very tough evidence that part of what is.

Working on this hour long documentary -- -- and one of the things that was striking to me was that when you look at this.

In perspective,http://karenmillenooutlet-uk.com/.

Mean Herman does -- -- did did did not just mysteriously pop up two years ago as.

The indicted.

Accused murderer,Abercrombie.

These children and of that woman.

This is a fellow who was placed himself who fresh out of medical school 4045.

Years ago situated himself.

Right at the heart of the radical abortion rights movement he participated.

In 1972.

And this remarkable.

Political event they came to be known as Mother's Day massacre was a sort of mass abortion.

That resulted.

In a senate hearing and and an inquiry by Senator Ted Kennedy evolved people one of the things that we have in this broadcast,Hollister Online Shop.

Is an interview with one of the doctors,Hollister Deutschland.

Ralph Nader Doctor Who.

I was one of the witnesses in that hearing talking about.

This awful.

Weekend event which -- -- -- permit -- now 42 years ago wanted to make a statement about abortion political statement.

He did this thing denying that women or severely,Hollister Online Shop.


In this the fellow we have -- Person and he hasn't been shut down I mean that's the thing today and -- -- -- I wanna talk to -- about how that happened because that's an ongoing question and with all due respect to Tom Ridge who served our country.

No -- in the in the Homeland Security Department.


He is.

One of the main guys the grand jury pointed to him as saying he is the one a Republican but a pro choice Republican who shut down.

Inspections of these clinics because he and his those around him believed that it would put up -- barrier.

To abortion.

-- -- this was a place for homicide was occurring on a daily basis and it was for financial gain and the evidence showed that.

This is something that should be -- -- -- upon across this country because this isn't the only clinic operating like that.

You have to have inspections because you have to protect women that are -- -- -- don't even know some of them how far along they are they're relying on this medical advice.

They're pour their impoverished -- betrayed himself as the champion.

The urban impoverished woman but he was the butcher as it turns out -- the evidence shows and we have to make sure that that isn't happening this isn't legal or safe.

Or good for women this is bad and the skills,Hollister.

-- they see the -- that the pro choice crowd has come out and said look this case.

Underscores the need that women have.

To have easy access to abortions so they don't have to seek care from an unqualified dramatic but -- -- -- and I wanna get you come on that because we looked we looked up.

What is this a situation is this a neighborhood where they couldn't get to a Planned Parenthood right is it look can I just show you the map -- -- show -- the map.

There's a Planned Parenthood to my -- away.

From doctor -- -- clinic how is this is a situation where they couldn't get access or warm here was this a situation where.

These were about women who were aborting babies -- -- not play you aren't sure late term under -- lot even in Pennsylvania we can -- up to 24 winners here's a six month baby -- -- -- They were beyond that and he needed to find a doctor to do it with a child that -- I have.

A senior writer actually -- that gets the very essence of this that was a -- created if you will and abortion marketplace.

With a Planned Parenthood.

Whatever you think about it insists upon a certain amount of anesthesia for example when you have an abortion.

Doctor does Mel did not one of the people we interview one of the patients it is heartbreaking.

As a young woman who.

Whose mother dragged her to this -- she was well longer pregnancy she thought about if you wanna have a an abortion she thought -- -- the longer she thought the more advanced to pregnancy became,Hollister.

And other words the more necessary anesthesia would become.

She went to doctor does know and he told her.

We can do this without anesthesia why because he charge for anesthesia and she didn't think she could afford it.

Planned Parenthood would not.

Conduct such.

Yeah that's the thing and I thought they had abortions here that were you know very early term bit right the reason these women wound up -- doctor got snow is clinic because.

These pregnancies and and for the most part we're very far along and that's why.

This -- we had babies being born alive according to the highlights I gotta go -- -- We're gonna check -- the special tonight -- native put a lot of work into it thank you so much for coming on talking about it some important case and by the time you see it.

I mean it's possible we could be at least on the verge of a verdict will watch to see -- one actually come down today.

Again Fox News reporting see no evil the current Gaza -- -- -- by -- there.

-- -- team of folks here Fox News including these two who helped participate in bringing you.

It's tough but important case I feel like you have a civic responsibility.

To watch this.

It's at 9 PM tonight right here in --